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Anonymous asked
Hello :) I was wondering if you had any fics or either of the proposing or married? Thank you!


Hello anon! Yes, I have read so many good marriage proposal fics *_* Here’s a list of the ones I enjoyed reading!


Rumor Mill - ikeracity (PG-13 |Human!AU |Humor |Married Couple)
Erik works at Stark Industries (he is an asshole) and brings Charles to the company party. “What they weren’t expecting was the confident, charming, adorable and unbelievably nice Charles that turns up on Erik’s arm. What they certainly weren’t expecting was how much Erik obviously adores his husband and how happy he is to let others see this.”
Side story: Theraflu and You - ikeracity  (Rumor Mill verse backstory. How Charles and Erik got engaged. Hilarious. )

all it takes is a little faith and a lot of heart - pocky_slash (PG-13 |Marriage Proposal |Fluff/Angst |Canon Disabled Character)
Erik lives in a world of right and wrong, yes and no. He really wasn’t prepared for Charles to respond to his marriage proposal with a third answer.
The Proper Care of Actors - afrocurl, Clear_Liqueur, Clocks, Etharei {NC-17 |Human!AU |EPIC |Pining |Humor |Actor!Erik |Actor!Charles |Series}
Erik is an A-list action star who is notoriously difficult to work with, until the day he gets cast alongside Charles Xavier, rom-com darling who can charm the pants off movie audiences the world over and apparently even one Erik Lehnsherr. The paparazzi catch them out and about soon enough, and their real-life Hollywood movie romance becomes instant tabloid fodder.
Sequel: Love (is) Love (Marriage Proposal)

Daycare ‘Verse - brilligspoons, pocky_slash (R Overall |WIP |AMAZING |EPIC |BB!MUTANTS |HURT/COMFORT |PARENTING |MUTANT!AU)
A modern AU in which Charles runs a mutant daycare and Erik is his long-suffering engineer boyfriend. (Erik proposes in one of the stories. Adorable and amazing series, one of my favorites)

If You Say the Word, I Could Stay with You - Black_Betty {PG-13 |Mutant!AU |Fluff |Marriage Proposal}
Erik has a well thought out plan of attack when it comes to marriage proposals. Of course, the best-laid plans…

Whenever I’m Alone With You - velvetcadence {NC-17 |PWP |Blowjob |Marriage Proposal |Middle-aged}
For the prompt from the kinkmeme: “I’d really just like Charles sitting at Erik’s feet, with some hair stroking going on. If it then turns into a passionate blow job, moresothebetter.”

Or, how to take care of your boyfriend when he’s down in the dumps and get a blow job in the meantime.

getting married - pocky_slash {PG |Canon Disabled Character |Detective!Erik |Marriage Proposal |Mutant}
Erik’s known this was coming for a long time. He’s scared, but that doesn’t mean he’s not looking forward to it.

After clinching the FA Cup with Arsenal, Charles and Erik take a day to themselves to rest and enjoy each other’s company before they have to report to their respective training camps for the World Cup.
Sequel: Golazo (Marriage Proposal!)

Through His Eyes - TeamHPForever {NC-17 |College AU |Mutant |Blind!Charles |Marriage Proposal}
Charles Xavier was born blind. When he was young, he would catch glimpses of the world from the minds of others but he didn’t want to be intrusive. Not until Erik finds out and offers to be his eyes.

Dance With Me - wallhaditcoming {PG-13 |Regency!AU |Pining |Marriage Proposal}
After his most recent tour, Erik Lehnsherr has finally earned the rank of Captain and a commission on a vessel all his own. With the prize money he has collected and this new rank, he finally feels secure enough in his future to propose to the man he has loved for years. He just prays that Charles is willing to have him.
It’s 7th Grade Stuff - nextraordinaire (PG-13 |Mutant!AU |Alpha/Omega |Bottom!Erik |Marriage Proposal)
"The music from the scratchy radio is interrupted by a commercial and Charles slips a tendril of his awareness into Erik’s mind, browsing through the newspaper on the table. As the rain patters against the window, he lets the feeling of home, warmth and comfort lull him into a sense of calm. They do say third time’s a charm, after all."  or, in which Charles tries to propose, but forgets one crucial detail.

Synthesis (Scenes from an AU) - starlady {NC-17 |Canon!AU |Beach!AU |Fix it}
Synthesis is a dynamic process. Or, scenes from the AU where Charles and Erik have sex, get married, become best friends, and run the school together.


Setting the Date - Unforgotten {PG |Post-DOFP |Marriage Proposal}
There are plenty of things from their alternate future Charles and Erik would never want…but there’s at least one thing they can look forward to.

A Summer Day So Late In Coming - helens78 {PG |Future-fic |Marriage Proposal}
Fifty years after they fell in love, Erik comes to Charles with a proposal that rocks Charles’s world.

Never Alone - RavenXavier {PG |Future-fic |Old dudes in love |Marriage |Fluff}
“You’re going to make me ask the question, aren’t you ?” Erik asks.

Proposal(s) - cm (mumblemutter) {PG |Fluff |Marriage Proposal |Old dudes in love}
"Never too late." "To let go."

The Recklessness of Water - pocky_slash {PG |Future-fic |Kidnapping |Old Age |Marriage Proposal}
A shared prison, a shared fantasy, and a quiet night. It’s been fifty years, but for Charles and Erik, it still all comes down to that beach.

You Ought To Give Me Wedding Rings - fengirl88 {R |Old dudes in love |Marriage Proposal}
It’s not exactly a well-kept secret, after fifty years. The way Erik looks at anyone who looks at Charles is a louder statement than any wedding ring could ever be. But if there are going to be rings, then of course Erik wants to make them himself.

Going to the Chapel - citizenjess (givehimonemore) {PG |XM Evolution |Marriage Proposal |Fluff |Humor}
Charles and Erik get gay married, “X-Men: Evolution”-style! Takes place some time after the series finale.
Married Couple

I Promised You Life - Sperare {NC-17 |Fusion: Star Wars |Married Couple}
Jedi Knight Erik Lehnsherr comes home to his husband after a lengthy deployment to the Outer Rim.

weave our days together like waves - pocky_slash {R |Human AU |Kid!fic |Established Relationship |Married Couple |Fluff}
A collection of ficlets about an alternate universe where Raven, a single mother by choice, and her baby live with her brother, Charles, and his husband, Erik.

we’ll all be gone for the summer - pocky_slash {PG-13 |Married Couple |Kid!fic |Domestic!fic |Canon Disabled Character}
Charles and Erik’s usual family beach vacation gets a little bigger when they agree to watch Erik’s teenaged twins for the summer. Charles is looking forward to a chance to bond with his step-children. Erik is terrified of screwing them up even more.

Impulse Decisions - listerinezero {NC-17 |Mutant!AU |Accidental Marriage |Romcom}
Erik wakes up in Las Vegas with a hell of a hangover, a telepath in his bed, and a ring on his finger. Now what?

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look a t my  fucking hair its ? mess

wait wtf that’s my face
wtf you have my face

the parent trap: modern au






look a t my  fucking hair its ? mess

wait wtf that’s my face

wtf you have my face



the parent trap: modern au


captain america cookies! tutorial under the cut if you want to make them less crappy than mine turned out!
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captain america cookies! tutorial under the cut if you want to make them less crappy than mine turned out!

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          Here’s a big old list of fics i’ve read and loved, you’ll see a lot of                 repeats as far as authors go but— and please! If you see this,                     feel free to reblog it and add on to it any you’ve read that                            aren’t included!  (/◕ヮ◕)/

Anarchy In The UK

Classic royals / powerless au, Charles is the Prince of Wales while Erik is a journalist. Can get fairly stressful at times- or at least it did for me, waiting for something bad to happen but it does, actually, have a happy ending. Completed.

Born To Rule (An Anarchy In The UK Coda) 

A follow up to AITUK, one chapter long but very worth reading. Completed

Anarchy In The UK - Director’s Cut

See a theme here? This is exactly what it says it is, little stories that fit into the AITUK universe that weren’t in the main fic for this reason or that. In Progress.

Xmas In Connecticut 

Powerless AU, Erik is a war hero returning to the states after coming home from WWII and Charles, along with Raven, together are “America’s favorite housewife”— Cute, short, very worth reading. Very sweet. Completed.


Powerless AU, DOFP universe. Erik is a Nazi hunter, Charles is— a bit of a mess, but the step-son of Kurt Marko and possibly the only one who can get the information that the government needs to hunt down Marko’s associates. In Progress.

Appropriate Boundaries

Powerless AU, Charles is meeting with a massage therapist to deal with some cramps in his back since his accident that left him chair bound, but— oh no his therapist is really fucking hot. Complete.

The Barbaric Erik Series

Powerless AU, Charles is an anthropologist, Erik is an unfrozen caveman who must learn the ways of this strange, clean shaven society. Caveman relations definitely happen. Completed.

The Better Men

Powerless AU, admittedly I haven’t read much of this one yet, but it comes highly recommended! Hogwarts AU, Charles and Erik are both professors but- oh my!- is there a history here? Completed.

The Hidden Heart

Diiiiieee haaaaaarrrrrrrrd, still fully powered mutants but caught in a hostage situation, Erik must use his skills and work along with his somewhat estranged ex Charles to, well, save the day. Completed.


Erik is definitely checking out Charles’s ass and you can see Charles swaying his hip in front of Erik and they’re acting like there’re only just two of them in the room. Yup. That’s all. Thank you.

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